Poem For The Ocean
*Poem For The Ocean*
Michelle Engelman Berns 2014

Poem For The Ocean
by Michelle Marie Engelman Berns

no instant digital phone photographs
of the veil white marine layer iced over a calm emerald ocean
and the distant looming islands.

On this day,
the investigation of salt and water and air
will be of the first time variety
as if the small Kindergarden girl had hung
her coat on the peg with her name for the first time, ever.
That peg smelling of freshly sawed pine
still with a tacky drop of sap hiding underneath.
The girl's first name above the cubby
was written in bold red marker
on a striped piece of writing paper
with a curly detail on the 'y' of "Shelly"
as if the teacher could forsee her need for whimsical escape.

This day
holds and releases
fifty plus years of hard survivor worn
human living in its photoless moment.
The need to reach for the digital devil
squeals within the naked white glass
set to mute
as the pure beautiful laughter of her wave riding husband
is carried on the wind,
flooding the mental poetic photograph
with light and these words, "be here now".